Hello, I'm Cassandra Fumi a theatre maker who makes experimental theatre that pushes form and believes that the theatre is our greatest listening device.

I create interdisciplinary, social and performative experiments inspired by novels, pieces of new writing and experiences. Through the medium of experiential installations and staged performance works, I create a multi- sensory context that encompasses both the spectator and performers as creators and storytellers. 

This blurred performer/spectator boundary, together with the specificity of the created world, builds a space of confrontation where spectatorship and performance open up social behaviours to interrogation. 

My practice is an extension of my journalism work. It's rooted in observation and asking questions like: Who is the maker? Who is the viewer? Are these roles interchangeable? Who is really in control of a work? Is anyone? Rather than seeking definitive answers to these questions, the work engages playfully with the act of asking them. 

I also work as a Touring Stage Manager with International productions and companies. I have realised shows in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy & Australia with companies that include Analogue Theatre, United Agents, Tangram Theatre, Les Foules, HOAX theatre, Dirty Pretty Theatre, Cameron Lukey Presents, Fraught Outfit, The Rabble, Susie Dee, Lab Kelpie & Critical Stages.