Hello, I'm Cassandra Fumi a theatre maker who makes experimental theatre that pushes form and challenges ideas of what theatre is and can be. I create interdisciplinary, social and performative experiments inspired by novels, pieces of new writing and experiences.

Through the medium of experiential installations and staged performance works, I create a multi- sensory context that encompasses both the spectator and performers as creators and storytellers. 

This blurred performer/spectator boundary, together with the specificity of the created world, builds a space of confrontation where spectatorship and performance open up social behaviours to interrogation. 

My practice is an extension of my journalism work. It's rooted in observation and asking questions about the human experience. Questions like: Who is the maker? Who is the viewer? Are these roles interchangeable? Who is really in control of a work? Is anyone? Rather than seeking definitive answers to these questions, the work engages playfully with the act of asking them. 

I also work as a Touring Stage Manager with International productions and companies. I have realised shows in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy & Australia with companies that include Analogue Theatre, United Agents, Tangram Theatre, Dirty Pretty Theatre, Fraught Outfit & Critical Stages.